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Katherine Walden


BA MSS 3. Margaret and Franklin Steele Sheet Music Collection. National Baseball Hall of Fame Library. , Cooperstown, NY.

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Home Run Bill
Bill Johnson was a swatter on a Bush League nine,
Way down South in Caroline,
Pitchers looked alike to him he had the sign,
He could hit them all the time.
Hit them where they weren’t, hit them high or low,
Hit them fast, hit them…

King of the Sandlots
Baseball time each year is just the same,
Ev’ry one who loves our national game
Gets a thrill, it gets them one and all,
When the umpire cries Play ball.
And no matter who should win the game,
We love it the same.
All our worries…

My Kid
On the city highways down the country lanes
I have seen a million children playing at their games
As I watch those kiddies romping in the sun
I wish I could love them all like, I love the one that I call
In this world if sinning in this…

Slide, Bill, Slide
Madelaine Mooney for baseball was looney
She’d rush to the game ev’ry day,
She’d root like a rooter if things didn’t suit her,
‘Twas awful the things she would say,
Now Bill was her steady, and when he got ready,
To lift up a few to the…

Sure! You're off Your Base Again Pat McCann
I’m a modern Apollo, a big Irishman,
You should see me when playing base bal
You can hear it for miles as they shout “there’s McCann,”
When I step to the base for a fall
Then I brace up and look at the man in the box,
As I make a big swipe…

Fordham "Ram": March and Two Step
Words for Trio
Hail men of Fordham hail
On to the fray.
Once more our foes assail
In strong array
Once more the old maroon
Wave on high
And sing our battle song
We do or die
Let us cheer wit ha ram! ram! ram for loyalty.
And again with a…

Wearers of the Blue
Portland’s sons are brave, her daughters fair,
They’re famed in song and story ev’rywhere
In stress of life’s endeavor
You will find them leaders ever,
And crowned with a distinction that is rare
Honors will not let them put away

We're Loyal to You, Illinois
Homecoming V1
We’re loyal to you, Illinois
We’re “Orange and Blue,” Illinois
We’ll back you to stand
‘Gainst the best in the land,
For we know you have sand, Illinois,
Rah! Rah!
So 1) smash that blockade 2) crack out that ball Illinois
1) Go…

Our Team's Leading the Hit Parade
Our team is passing on review, “Boy oy boy” how they came thru
That’s why we’re all here today,
With a hip, hip, hip “hooray”
The flag that we are craving,
Now is proudly waving
Our team’s leading the “Hit” parade.
And “oh boy”…

Play Ball, Montreal
V1 E
Here they come, Gong some, “Montreal” at Bat,
Lucky team, “Full of steam”
Now, take off your hat,
Bet your dough,
Don’t be slow,
For they’re sure to win
Shout “HURRAY”,
Watch the game begin
V2 E
“Three strikes out”,…

The Hustlers Pennant March
Come on you fans of Rochester,
The summer time is here,
The summer time, the baseball time,
The best time of the year,
For we have won three pennants,
But you bet that won’t be all,
We’re going to have our fourth one,
When the season…

Legion Ball
Play ball! The Legion call is heard across the land:
Home run! The game is won,
Hey, listen to that band!

Legion Ball is pledged to teamwork,
Win or lose, salute the play;
In our pride we must be humble,
That’s the Legion…

The House of David Blues
A little story that I want to tell
About a certain band that you know well
An aggregation down in Michigan wit ha leader man by the name of Ben
They started jazzin’ back in ninety two and entertained the folks with music blue
No one has ideas…

Home of the Braves
I’ve got a good reason why I’m feelin’ so good
The Braves are in town today and they’re winnin’ like I knew they could
2) I’m takin’ my chances skippin’ work today
If the boss ever catches me
I’ll have the devil to pay

In the home of the…

I Come From Brooklyn
Marry Me navy was always contrary
She’d never 1) go out on a date 2) give out with a date
But at a swell party she meet a rich smarty who asked her if she’d TeTe Tete
She said now look here this to you may sound queer 1) for your smooth talk I’m…

Leave Us Go Root For the Dodgers, Rodgers
Murgatroyd Darcy, The belle of Canarsic, went ‘round with a fellow named Rodge
At dancing the rhumba or jitterbug number, you couldn’t beat Rodger at this dodge
Throughout the cold weather the pair danced together,
But when the trees blossomed…

Let's Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn
V1 Say, did you hear the news about what’s happenin’ in Brooklyn? We really got the blues about what’s happenin’ in Brooklyn It ain’t official yet We hope official it don’t get But beware my friend, and let me warn ya, they’re think’ a taink’ the…

Why Do They All Pick on Brooklyn?
Just across the bridge from New York City
There’s a great big village quaint and pretty
It’s where that famous tree grows
And the home of many heroes
Why, there’s not a finer place on earth
And so I’d like to know
(Please tell…

Hurrah For the Cubs
When you want to see a baseball game
Just remember Mister Wrigley’s name
He’s got a team that’s sure got steam
The Chicago Cubs I mean
When you’ve seen Hack Wilson make a hit
And the other lads all do their bit
You’ll say it’s the cream,

Watch the Cubs Play Ball
O happy day the Cubs will play at good old Wrigley Field
We’ll all be ther ein the nice fresh air and watch the Cubs play ball
We all are gay on this great day at good old Wrigley Field
We cast away all toil and care, and watch the Cubs play…

The Days at Fair Bucknell
“College Song Dedicated to the Memory of Christy Mathewson”
We sing the days at fair Bucknell,
The merry chase for “Cap and Gown”
With band, parade, and College bell,
To liven up the town
Brave dauntless days, so fleet awing
Bright sunny…

The Song of the Loyal Giant Rooters
What’s all the whoopee for?
You hear from shore to shore
The New York Giants
Let’s lead one from the floor,
For godo old John McGraw
And his New York Giants
We’re Loyal Giant Rooters
Loyal to the core
We want the word to…

Husky Hans
Three cheers for “Husky Hans”
So modest in his way
Yet “He’s the star, they say by far, of ev’ry game they play”
Then praise him long and loud when ‘er he strikes the ball
Four we all know where ‘er they go, our Hans is champion of them all

March of the Cardinals
Rather brightly
O’er the railroad tracks
O’er the railroad tracks
Come the Gas House fellows
H’er the railroad tracks
In the railroad hacks
In the railroad hacks
Like the Barnum Show and all the circus acts
Hear the bleachers wildly…

Ripp-Ripp-Ripp, Zipp-Zipp-Zipp, Cardinals Won the Championship
Last spring we heard some ball fans brag
That the Cards had no chance for the flag
But they cantered along at a merry old gait
And always near top for a rally did wait
When the time came a long came the Braves
Like a good ship gliding o’er…

The Champs of 1912
Come all ye loyal rooters
We’re going to the game
Oh, let your business take a slump
We are going just the same
For this is Boston’s trn to hoist
That champion banner high
So we’ll cheer those Red Sox fellows up
‘Till the echoes reach the…
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