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Women in Baseball




Katherine Walden


BA MSS 3. Margaret and Franklin Steele Sheet Music Collection. National Baseball Hall of Fame Library. , Cooperstown, NY.

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Back To The Bleachers For Me
Now, Mamie McShane loved a good baseball game,
And each year she’d wait for them to start,
Her father and mother, he sister and brother,
They knew all the players by heart;
She’d drop her crocheting to find out who’s playing,
When they went…

Baseball, Baseball
I met a lad handsome and witty who whispered to me you are so pretty.
Soon he and I were cabaretting, we had a good time, goes without saying.
He came to my house all the lights were low.
And then he held me close, set my heart a glow.

Molly McNamara
Just a year a go I met her my Molly, my own,
And I never will forget her for she would grace a throne,
Altho’ she is kind as a girl can be,
Sometimes she seems quite in dif’rent to me,
Tis’ modesty only I plainly can see,
So I sing to her…

Come On To The Baseball Game
Little Freddie McCann was a great baseball fan,
And he knew ev’ry play thru and thru.
When he called up sweet Molly, a nice little dolly,
One Sunday at half past two,
She said “Dear, let us go to the park for a row,
And spoon’neath a big…

First Class Private Mary Brown
He carries around a heavy old rifle and a heavy old pack
But doesn’t seem to feel how much they weigh,
‘Cause he carries around this dream all day.
1) First class private mary Brown,
She wore that uniform like a million dollar…

I Want To Go To The Ball Game
Billy O’Grady and his little lady
Were sweethearts for many long moons;
When night was falling on her he’d go calling
And warble life’s sweetest of tunes:
He’d say “Tomorrow I’m going to borrow
A V-spot and take you somewhere”
She’d listen…

I’m on the Right Side of the Right Girl at the Right Time and Place
Where do we go from here boys
Quiet boys so you can here
After we’ve had our beer boys
I’ll tell you my Idea
Come let’s all take a trip to the ball game gee it’s great
Don’t be late
Go and grab a front seat at the ball game

If You Can't Make A Hit In A Ball Game, You Can't Make A Hit With Me
V1 Happy Mary Ann Mc Cann A crazy “Baseball Fan” Rooted hard for Dan Moran Dan Moran, her “Baseball man.” When he came to bat, one day, And saw her smile so gay, His Irish heart was thumping When he heard her yell “Hooray!” She loudly cried “Oh!…

Love Goes On Like A Ball Game
Chorus 1
It’s your turn now, I’ll pitch to you
One more strike and you’ll be through
2) You had your chance to play it fair
But it seems you didn’t care

You steal around to…

Manda At The Base Ball Game
Manda you are a dandy
So all the fellows say
When they see you on the way
To the baseball game
She claps her hands and shouts aloud
That helps to entertain the crowd
When a grand, good play is made.
Maud has no choice in teams,

Take Me Out To The Ball Game
V1 Katie Casey was baseball mad, Had the fever and had it bad, Just to root for the hometown crew, ev’ry sou Katie blew On a Saturday, her young beau called to see if she’d like to go, To see a show but Miss Kate said “no, I’ll tell you what you…

When the Baseball Season's Going I'll Be There
When the baseball season opens with a howl of glee,
And the smell of Springtime is in the air
You will find me in the grandstand, the dear old baseball grand stand
When the baseball season opens I’ll be there
When the baseball season’s…

You Better Play Ball With Me
Something tells me, compels me to tell you that you’re swell, and yet
You play so hard to get it’s so unfair
Tho’ I try, tell me why I’m not getting any place with you,
Can’t get to “first base” with you so if you really care
Oh! You better…

Honey All The Time
Heinie is a catcher on our baseball nine,
And behind the bat he certainly does shine,
But you ought to hear him on the coaching line,
Sing out: “Keep aworking all the time!”
There’ sa little girl, whose name is Mary Ann,
And she thinks, that…

I'll Change Your Shadows to Sunshine
V1 If life, were only sunshine, And you with me would stay The time would pass so quickly ‘Twould seem just like a day If life were only gladness, Though skies grow dark above I’d ask you to be with me So we could always love V2 If life, were sweet…

After the Ball
V1 A little maden climbed an old man’s knee Begged for a story “Do Uneje please,” Why are you single, why live alone! Have you no babies, have you no home? I had a sweetheart, years, years ago; Where she is now pet, you will soon know List to the…

Bright Eyes, He's  a Fan, Fan, Fan
At a ball game you will see him
Perched upon the bleacher high,
Where the sun beats down upon his brain,
There’s a wild look in his eye.
When he came in through the gate,
He had a mild and modest air;
When the bell rang “play ball”

Come On Play Ball With Me, Dearie
Sweet mammie Magee was a young coryphee
And she danced in the chorus by night:
The Mamie by day was a “fan” in her way,
For a ballgame was Mamie’s delight
She’d root through a game and then send in her name
And invite them all down to her…

Extracurrickeler Girl
Some girls were born to be the cook type
Ohters were made for charity
Still others were born to be the book type not me!
Oh no!
Chorus 1
Tempo di Benguine
I’m an EXTRACURRICUELER GIRL for gentlemen tired of school
I’m b eginning to feel…

It Happens Every Spring
It happens every spring.
The world is young again.
We’re children on an upsidaisy swing
A carousel with horses freshly painted
The oompahpah that says let’s get acquainted
What is that cheer I heard
A fellow stealing third

"Featured in the Samuel Goldwyn production starring Gary Cooper in The Pride of the Yankees: The Life of Lou Gehrig." Voice 1 Ev’rything went wrong and the whole day long I’d feel so blue For the longest while I’d forget to smile Then I met you Now…

Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
Voice 1 On the old farm house veranda There sat Silas and Miranda Thinking of the days gone by Said he “Dearie don’t be weary, you were always bright and cheery But a tear dear, dims your eye” Said she, “They’re tears of gladness Silas, they’re not…

Between You And Me
Two lovers stroll together, two lovers hand in hand,
Both make a play and steal away down to the moonlit strands
He has the same old story, he makes it sound so new
Then in her ear, he whispers, dear,
I’ve something to say to you

Tessie You Are The Only, Only, Only
V1 Tessie is a maiden with a sparkling eye Tessie is a maiden with a laugh Tessie doesn’t know the meaning of a sigh Tessie’s lots of fun and full of chaff But sometimes we have a little quarrel, we two Tessie always turns her head away Then it’s p…

Oh, Mr. Dream Man, Please Let Me Dream Some More
"Featured with great success by Cy Morgan with the World’s Base ball Champions Coombs Bender, Morgan, and Pearl Sisters." V1 Talk about your funny dreams, I head one of them, it seems And it made me feel so goody, goody ‘Twasn’t sad Nothing bad,…

Cheering Someone On
True happiness the livelong day, is ours if happiness we give
If we along life’s rugged way make others happy while we live
At nightfall we may well rejoice when counting deeds from early dawn
To find some word or act of ours has helped in…

Base-Ball Game of Love
V1 When I first gaz’d into your eyes Your image made a home run to my heart I tried to tag the feeling which into my heart was steeling But it had too great a start I thought ‘twas just a base hit that you made And you’d be caught in stealing second…

I Want to go to the Ball Game
Billy O’Grady and his little lady
Were sweethearts for many long moons
When night was falling on her he’d go calling
And warble life’s sweetest of tunes
He’d say “Tomorrow I’m going to borrow
A V-spot and take you somewhere”
She’d listen…
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