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PG754_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I’ve a friend named Dan McCloskey and he’s crazy on Base Ball
I told him I could play third base, but sure, I can’t at all
McClosky said his “nine” would play that coming Saturday
and when I heard my name called out
I bought a suit to…

PG749_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Tom Jones left his wife in the houses one night
And he started out for a walk
He met a pretty little blond
And with her began to talk talk talk
He took her into a sweet café
Ordered wine for the lady fair
He was making love when he looked…

PG748_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG744_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Billy O’Grady and his little lady
Were sweethearts for many long moons
When night was falling on her he’d go calling
And warble life’s sweetest of tunes
He’d say “Tomorrow I’m going to borrow
A V-spot and take you somewhere”
She’d listen…

PG740_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG739_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG737_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG733_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG726_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG723_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG719_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG717_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG714_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG706_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG709_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 I play’d a game of baseball I belong to Casey’s Nine! The crowd was feeling jolly And the weather it was fine A nobler lot of players I think were never found When the omnibuses landed That day upon the ground The game was quickly stared They…

PG703_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG700_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG696_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Maggie McHugh was a fan, good and true
Who was strong for the home team’s big twirler
Thugh Mag ne’er confessed nearly ev’ry one guessed that she loved this hard hitting crack twirler
There in the stand, with a rose in her hand and a smile in…

PG693_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Play ball play ball
Let’s get the game agoin’ with that old familiar call
The pitcher and the catcher and the batters one and all
Play the game play the game oh!
See the happy features of the fans, up in the bleachers
Hear the cheering from the…

PG690_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG685_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Featured with tremendous success by Mabel Hite and Mike Donlin

PG680_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG675_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 Oh Mister Fan Oh Mister Fan Let’s be on our way To the game today Oh mister man oh mister man Couldn’t miss my grandma’s funeral I’ve got the price I’ve got the price Of a bleacher seat I will stand the trea To the big league ball game Let’s go…

PG671_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 When I first gaz’d into your eyes Your image made a home run to my heart I tried to tag the feeling which into my heart was steeling But it had too great a start I thought ‘twas just a base hit that you made And you’d be caught in stealing second…

PG666_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
As sung by Blossom Seeley

PG662_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG660_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
True happiness the livelong day, is ours if happiness we give
If we along life’s rugged way make others happy while we live
At nightfall we may well rejoice when counting deeds from early dawn
To find some word or act of ours has helped in…

PG655_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 You have heard most of the songs of late Ev’ry one likes something up to date All the rage, upon the stage When ever you go to a musical show Sneaky freaky coony drags Old t ime opears changed to rags People swaying, bands a playing Ragtime…

Little Alligator Bait
Mammy dry my tears
I’m so full of fears
I’ve just been scared to death while comin’ home
‘way down de other stret
De white folks dat I meet
Tells me I won’t be living long, and you’ll be all alone
Dey called me choc’late drop
But I begged…

PG647_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Little colored child
He’s been running wild
Running all the livelong day
Must be tired out
Must be just about
Ready now to seek the hay
Mammy sits right near
Pickaninny dear
Nothing’s goin’ to harm him, no
Mammy she, her watch will…

PG643_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"Successfully introduced by those three great ball players Chief Bender, Coombs, and Morgan the heroes of the world series."

So you’re going back where fields are green
And skies are always blue
Well if I could have my wish tonight
I’d be…

PG639_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Hit of Uncle Sam's Follies

PG635_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Hurry Hurry! “Dun”
You’re a baseball fan
Take me out to see the game today
Take me with the boys
Fanny had a dream
Was a funny dream
Dream’d about the baseball game that day
Saw the players there
Three cheers!
Baseball is a…

PG630_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"Featured with great success by Cy Morgan with the World’s Base ball Champions Coombs Bender, Morgan, and Pearl Sisters." V1 Talk about your funny dreams, I head one of them, it seems And it made me feel so goody, goody ‘Twasn’t sad Nothing bad,…

PG626_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
It’s a hot day today
And what do you say
Let’s go out to the game
It’s a very nice day
And the boss is away
Let’s go out to the game
Let’s go out to the ball game
Let’s take the afternoon off
it looks like a mighty fine game…

PG622_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"To Connie Mack best wishes and good luck."

PG617_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"Respectfully dedicated to Connie Mack and his Athletics of 1929."

PG613_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG610_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG605_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
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