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PG602_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"A tribute to our beloved 'Babe' Ruth."

PG599_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG596_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG593_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG590_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG586_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG577_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG572_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG562_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG567_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I’ve sacrificed and bunted my own heart
I laughed with tears in my eyes
After each ending you want a new start
Lover, you can’t realize
The game is over,
There’s nothing else we can do
I can’t get to first base with you

PG557_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
You may talk about the weather if it’s going to rain or shine
Figure on the market and you’re apt to get in line
You may figure on the horses and perhaps you’ll dope them out
But to figure on a ball game is to always be in doubt
You may…

PG554_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I’ll tell the world, I’ll see ya’ at the (crack) World Sreies
‘Cause that’s where I’m gonna be
And you can bet that even if I have to crawl
I am gonna be there when they yell “Play ball!”
A’ rootin’, hootin’, tootin’ for the home team

PG551_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG547_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG543_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Don’t wreck your life in an auto
I don’t want an auto guy
I want a man, a base ball man
I’ll tell you the reason why.
I love baseball, the best of all, and want to be a “Fan”
I’d give the word to be your girl
Oh! You baseball man

PG539_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG536_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG526_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 Who discovered the land of the brave and the free? I don’t know, I don’t know ‘Twas Christy Columbus is what they tell me May be so, I don’t know There’s only one Christy that I know at all One Christy that I ever saw He’s the one who discovered…

PG522_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Jimmy and Willie were bank chasiers
Worked until three ev’ry day
When work was done to the game they’d run
To see the old home team play
They would hop on to a trolley car
Crowded with no room to stand
But they’d squeeze in and then they’d…

PG517_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 Tessie is a maiden with a sparkling eye Tessie is a maiden with a laugh Tessie doesn’t know the meaning of a sigh Tessie’s lots of fun and full of chaff But sometimes we have a little quarrel, we two Tessie always turns her head away Then it’s p…

PG512_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Come all ye loyal rooters
We’re going to the game
Oh, let your business take a slump
We are going just the same
For this is Boston’s trn to hoist
That champion banner high
So we’ll cheer those Red Sox fellows up
‘Till the echoes reach the…

PG509_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Who’s gonna win the pennant this year?
That’s what we all want to know
Which is the team that’ll take the flag?
Which is the team they won’t stop?
I’m a baseball fan, a (“red hot”) fan
It’s a subject I never can drop
Who’s gonna win…

PG505_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I wanna go out to the baseball game
I wanna sit right next to my old flame
I wanna get a seat away up high
I wanna hear ‘em crack a high ball fly
I wanna see the catcher strut his stuff
I wamma watch the pitcher run his bluff
I wanna…

PG501_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG496_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
If I’m somewhat hanky panky
O’er a game that’s strickly Yankee
When I have explained myself
You’ll blame me not at all
We as barefoot kids have played it
And the fact should be paraded
There is nothing in it
With our own baseball
I’m as…

PG491_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Where’s the crowd all going,
Ev’ry one so glad
Ev’ry body’s happy
Can’t find one that’s sad
Street cars they’re all crowded
Shouting (local town) name
Oh! I know just where they’ll go
Street car signs they tell me so
Direct to the Base…

PG487_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG483_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Last spring we heard some ball fans brag
That the Cards had no chance for the flag
But they cantered along at a merry old gait
And always near top for a rally did wait
When the time came a long came the Braves
Like a good ship gliding o’er…

PG476_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Rather brightly
O’er the railroad tracks
O’er the railroad tracks
Come the Gas House fellows
H’er the railroad tracks
In the railroad hacks
In the railroad hacks
Like the Barnum Show and all the circus acts
Hear the bleachers wildly…

PG472_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG467_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Three cheers for “Husky Hans”
So modest in his way
Yet “He’s the star, they say by far, of ev’ry game they play”
Then praise him long and loud when ‘er he strikes the ball
Four we all know where ‘er they go, our Hans is champion of them all

PG463_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
What’s all the whoopee for?
You hear from shore to shore
The New York Giants
Let’s lead one from the floor,
For godo old John McGraw
And his New York Giants
We’re Loyal Giant Rooters
Loyal to the core
We want the word to…

PG460_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
“College Song Dedicated to the Memory of Christy Mathewson”
We sing the days at fair Bucknell,
The merry chase for “Cap and Gown”
With band, parade, and College bell,
To liven up the town
Brave dauntless days, so fleet awing
Bright sunny…

PG456_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG453_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG448_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Let’s go, batter up, we’re takin’ the afternoon off Refrain It’s a beautiful day for a ball game, for a ball game today 1) The fans are out to get a ticket or two from Walla Walla, Washington to Kalamazoo It’s a beautiful day for the home run but…

PG445_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
O happy day the Cubs will play at good old Wrigley Field
We’ll all be ther ein the nice fresh air and watch the Cubs play ball
We all are gay on this great day at good old Wrigley Field
We cast away all toil and care, and watch the Cubs play…

PG440_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
When you want to see a baseball game
Just remember Mister Wrigley’s name
He’s got a team that’s sure got steam
The Chicago Cubs I mean
When you’ve seen Hack Wilson make a hit
And the other lads all do their bit
You’ll say it’s the cream,

PG435_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Two lovers stroll together, two lovers hand in hand,
Both make a play and steal away down to the moonlit strands
He has the same old story, he makes it sound so new
Then in her ear, he whispers, dear,
I’ve something to say to you

PG432_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Just across the bridge from New York City
There’s a great big village quaint and pretty
It’s where that famous tree grows
And the home of many heroes
Why, there’s not a finer place on earth
And so I’d like to know
(Please tell…
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