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PG329_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 A little maden climbed an old man’s knee Begged for a story “Do Uneje please,” Why are you single, why live alone! Have you no babies, have you no home? I had a sweetheart, years, years ago; Where she is now pet, you will soon know List to the…

PG719_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG572_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG377_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"Featured in the Samuel Goldwyn production starring Gary Cooper in The Pride of the Yankees: The Life of Lou Gehrig." Voice 1 Ev’rything went wrong and the whole day long I’d feel so blue For the longest while I’d forget to smile Then I met you Now…

PG372_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"Introduced by Eddie Foy in the musical comedy 'The Orchid'."
Voice 1
In a Restaurant the other night, the best one in New York
I saw a man who vainly tried to eat soup with a fork
My heart went out in pity
Ev’ry time his form would plunge

PG539_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG577_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG723_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG586_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG1_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Now, Mamie McShane loved a good baseball game,
And each year she’d wait for them to start,
Her father and mother, he sister and brother,
They knew all the players by heart;
She’d drop her crocheting to find out who’s playing,
When they went…

PG7_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
What is the game that every body raves so much about
Baseball Baseball
What is the game that all the papers write so much about,
Baseball Baseball
The little boys will run away from school to see the gae,
Altho’ it isn’t really right you know…

PG84_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
1) Jimmy liked to play base ball,
And catch it on the fly,
(others) And catch it on the fly.
But much to his surprise one day
He caught it in the eye,
(others) He caught it in the eye.
2) He was proud behind the bat,
Sometimes to play or…

PG671_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 When I first gaz’d into your eyes Your image made a home run to my heart I tried to tag the feeling which into my heart was steeling But it had too great a start I thought ‘twas just a base hit that you made And you’d be caught in stealing second…

PG300_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
In nineteen thirty nine a man with vision in a town called Williamsport V. A.
Created from the grand old game of baseball,
The little league that carries on today
When Carl Stotz played baseball as a youngster,
Older boys said, “you’re…

PG12_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Baseball, Baseball,
America’s favorite game.
Where thousands will gather and work up a lather, but each day they play it the same.
1) Where a player is cheered if he catches a fly,
But he’s certainly booed if he lets it go by.
2) Where a fly is…

PG15_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I met a lad handsome and witty who whispered to me you are so pretty.
Soon he and I were cabaretting, we had a good time, goes without saying.
He came to my house all the lights were low.
And then he held me close, set my heart a glow.

PG24_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"A theme song for every team in the big-time circuit—a musical hit for your favorite club."

The “A’s” Are the Craze (Philidelphia Athletics)
The “A’s” are all the craze of the fans in Philadelphia,
The “A’s” know the plays
To use in the…

PG60_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Ev’rybody’s goin’ to the baseball game, the baseball game, the baseball game.
Ev’rybody’s gon’ to the baseball game, BATTER UP, BATTER UP, PLAY BALL!
Ev’rybody hollers: “Hit that ball, hit that ball over the wall.”
Ev’rybody hollers: “Hit…

PG590_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG435_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Two lovers stroll together, two lovers hand in hand,
Both make a play and steal away down to the moonlit strands
He has the same old story, he makes it sound so new
Then in her ear, he whispers, dear,
I’ve something to say to you

PG318_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Sound the trumpets, sound the trumpets
Billy Sunday’s come to town
Let us meet him, let us greet him praise his name for legends around
He will save us he’s an angel sent down by the Lord
Come let us sing, let the air ring praise him in one…

PG64_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
‘Way down in West Beaver, they get baseball fever along about March, as a rule.
The men quit their fishin’ the women start wishin’ and children play hooky from school.
There’s only one thing that they’re talkin’ about.
At mornin’ at night and…

Brain Storms
The world is full of many things, that science can’t explain:
And one of these, is the disease, that’s slately hit the brain:
IT used to be insanity,
But at the present day,
But anybody’s crazy in the head, the doctors say:
It’s only (chorus?)…

PG334_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
At a ball game you will see him
Perched upon the bleacher high,
Where the sun beats down upon his brain,
There’s a wild look in his eye.
When he came in through the gate,
He had a mild and modest air;
When the bell rang “play ball”

PG409_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG412_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG71_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Deacon Jones addressed the congregation
Said “The roof lets in the rain,
And folks that am an aggravation to Rev’rend Jackson Smith that’s plain;
Now I propose good sisters and brothers we raise some funds to shingle up the leak,
A ball game…

PG639_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Hit of Uncle Sam's Follies

PG737_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG367_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Voice Casey’s the guy with his eye on the ball (whistle) But mostly the ladies Casey’s the guy who’s the Idol of all (Whistle) But mostly the Indies CASEY is mighty and manly Casey’s a dangerous gent When he goes to bat hang on to your hat He’s…

PG660_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
True happiness the livelong day, is ours if happiness we give
If we along life’s rugged way make others happy while we live
At nightfall we may well rejoice when counting deeds from early dawn
To find some word or act of ours has helped in…

PG733_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG350_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Sweet mammie Magee was a young coryphee
And she danced in the chorus by night:
The Mamie by day was a “fan” in her way,
For a ballgame was Mamie’s delight
She’d root through a game and then send in her name
And invite them all down to her…

PG91_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Little Freddie McCann was a great baseball fan,
And he knew ev’ry play thru and thru.
When he called up sweet Molly, a nice little dolly,
One Sunday at half past two,
She said “Dear, let us go to the park for a row,
And spoon’neath a big…

PG605_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG340_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Ev’ry college, ev’ry place in the U.S.A.
Has a base ball nine,
Has a base ball nine,
And the game is fine,
It’s simply great,
It’s the only game that’s up to date.
Base ball, base ball,
It’s the only Nat’nal…

PG739_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG610_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG613_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG749_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Tom Jones left his wife in the houses one night
And he started out for a walk
He met a pretty little blond
And with her began to talk talk talk
He took her into a sweet café
Ordered wine for the lady fair
He was making love when he looked…
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