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PG1_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Now, Mamie McShane loved a good baseball game,
And each year she’d wait for them to start,
Her father and mother, he sister and brother,
They knew all the players by heart;
She’d drop her crocheting to find out who’s playing,
When they went…

PG7_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
What is the game that every body raves so much about
Baseball Baseball
What is the game that all the papers write so much about,
Baseball Baseball
The little boys will run away from school to see the gae,
Altho’ it isn’t really right you know…

PG12_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Baseball, Baseball,
America’s favorite game.
Where thousands will gather and work up a lather, but each day they play it the same.
1) Where a player is cheered if he catches a fly,
But he’s certainly booed if he lets it go by.
2) Where a fly is…

PG15_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I met a lad handsome and witty who whispered to me you are so pretty.
Soon he and I were cabaretting, we had a good time, goes without saying.
He came to my house all the lights were low.
And then he held me close, set my heart a glow.

PG19_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Let’s all sing THE BASEBALL POLKA,
Batter up, batter up,
Play ball!
Let’s all sing THE BASEBALL POLKA,
It’s the game that I love the best of all.
How I love to listen to the cheers,
When they yell “Kill the umpire”
It’s music to my ears,

PG22_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
1) The game was even Steven,
Then the Umpire called an OUT,
The crowd yelled ‘Kill the Umpire’
He don’t know what’s all about,
He made a wrong decision,
While the clouds of dust were deep,
With pop bottles and brick bats,
The crowd rocked him…

PG23_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
1) A tramp walked in a bar and grill,
Just dying for a drink,
The crowd gave him a big ha ha,
Then led him to the sink,
They kidded him and laughed at him,
And thought it was great fun,
But one kind Gent knew how he felt,
Gave him a drink of…

PG24_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"A theme song for every team in the big-time circuit—a musical hit for your favorite club."

The “A’s” Are the Craze (Philidelphia Athletics)
The “A’s” are all the craze of the fans in Philadelphia,
The “A’s” know the plays
To use in the…

PG60_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Ev’rybody’s goin’ to the baseball game, the baseball game, the baseball game.
Ev’rybody’s gon’ to the baseball game, BATTER UP, BATTER UP, PLAY BALL!
Ev’rybody hollers: “Hit that ball, hit that ball over the wall.”
Ev’rybody hollers: “Hit…

PG64_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
‘Way down in West Beaver, they get baseball fever along about March, as a rule.
The men quit their fishin’ the women start wishin’ and children play hooky from school.
There’s only one thing that they’re talkin’ about.
At mornin’ at night and…

Brain Storms
The world is full of many things, that science can’t explain:
And one of these, is the disease, that’s slately hit the brain:
IT used to be insanity,
But at the present day,
But anybody’s crazy in the head, the doctors say:
It’s only (chorus?)…

PG71_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Deacon Jones addressed the congregation
Said “The roof lets in the rain,
And folks that am an aggravation to Rev’rend Jackson Smith that’s plain;
Now I propose good sisters and brothers we raise some funds to shingle up the leak,
A ball game…

PG76_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG84_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
1) Jimmy liked to play base ball,
And catch it on the fly,
(others) And catch it on the fly.
But much to his surprise one day
He caught it in the eye,
(others) He caught it in the eye.
2) He was proud behind the bat,
Sometimes to play or…

PG87_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Just a year a go I met her my Molly, my own,
And I never will forget her for she would grace a throne,
Altho’ she is kind as a girl can be,
Sometimes she seems quite in dif’rent to me,
Tis’ modesty only I plainly can see,
So I sing to her…

PG91_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Little Freddie McCann was a great baseball fan,
And he knew ev’ry play thru and thru.
When he called up sweet Molly, a nice little dolly,
One Sunday at half past two,
She said “Dear, let us go to the park for a row,
And spoon’neath a big…

PG95_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG99_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
“My sermon today,” said the rev’rend Jones “is baseball and whence it came.
If you take the good book, and you take a good look you will find THE FIRST BASEBALL GAME”:
It says, Eve stole first nad Adam second,
Solomon umpir’d the…

PG102_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
He carries around a heavy old rifle and a heavy old pack
But doesn’t seem to feel how much they weigh,
‘Cause he carries around this dream all day.
1) First class private mary Brown,
She wore that uniform like a million dollar…

PG105_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Slowly, lightly rhythmical, and tenderly
Hit the hay, you freckled rookie, put your bat away,
You have played your baseball for today.
Better hit that dreamy dugout, then put out the light,
By the way, you…

PG109_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"Dedicated to the ball players of the United States."

There’s a game y ou’ve all heard tell of,
It’s a game they all speak well of—
There’s nothing like it, all the people say
See the crowds that are attending.
While the pennant war is…

PG114_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
A crowd of people on the street standing in a line,
To buy a ticket for some fun, they have it ev’ry time.
They laugh and joke at ev’rything, they’re happy as can be when suddenly there come sa hush as someone shouts with glee

PG118_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
The grand old game is true to its name,
As they play from year to year,
Home team will win scores are coming in,
Oh how those fans can cheer,
We’re in first place, it’s sure some race,
I wish that you were there
In ev’ry grandstand in…

PG122_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Goodbye to Winter, I’ll see you next year;
Hello to Springtime, Gee I’m glad you’re here!
Listen you flivver, Get yourself outside!
Come on, my sweetheart, Let’s go for a ride!
Refrain 1
HO HUM! Spring is here now,
HO HUM! Skies are very clear…

PG128_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Bill Johnson was a swatter on a Bush League nine,
Way down South in Caroline,
Pitchers looked alike to him he had the sign,
He could hit them all the time.
Hit them where they weren’t, hit them high or low,
Hit them fast, hit them…

PG133_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Softly the twilight is stealing,
Seven o’clock bells are pealing,
Johnnie with mama is pleading:
“Please may I go and play”
“No dear, it’s nearly your bed time;
Too late for raising old Ned time”
Johnnie’s tears soon were a falling,

PG137_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I got a job once in a HENERY
To clip the wings of all the “Fowls” so they could not fly,
I told the man that I was “Hen Roost” Inspectorite
And could tell the diff’rent nationality of chickens any time of night,
So when night came I went to…

PG142_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
“Now Jimmy Jones,” the teacher said,
You lied just yesterday!
You told me that your Ma was ill,
And home you’d have to stay.
But you went to the game instead,
And just because you lied.
just take your slate and rule,
And stay I nafter…

PG146_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
It all began at the ball park
One Sunday afternoon.
Me and my girl were sippin’ soe pop,
Watchin’ the pitchin’ that really was top,
When all of a sudden the crowd raised their hands,
A guy hit a ball that went into the stands.

PG150_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Some folks want music,
And some folks want wealth,
Others want pleasure and some just want health,
But when the sun shines, and the weather is warm,
One thing I want,
And it does me no harm
You may want this thing,
And you may want…

PG154_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I want to go out to the Park today
The ball season’s open, they’re going to play.
I want to ride on the merry go round
I want to dance and waltz ‘round and ‘round.
I want to boat and I want to swim.
I want to boost for my Jim,
I want to…

PG158_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Billy O’Grady and his little lady
Were sweethearts for many long moons;
When night was falling on her he’d go calling
And warble life’s sweetest of tunes:
He’d say “Tomorrow I’m going to borrow
A V-spot and take you somewhere”
She’d listen…

PG161_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf

PG168_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
There’s a certain fascination for the sports of this great nation
Over baseball that’s all, you know the rest
It’s the same way ev’ry season
If we’re Crazy there’s a reason
Over baseball you’ll fall just like the rest
When we see the crowded…

PG173_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Where do we go from here boys
Quiet boys so you can here
After we’ve had our beer boys
I’ll tell you my Idea
Come let’s all take a trip to the ball game gee it’s great
Don’t be late
Go and grab a front seat at the ball game

PG177_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 Happy Mary Ann Mc Cann A crazy “Baseball Fan” Rooted hard for Dan Moran Dan Moran, her “Baseball man.” When he came to bat, one day, And saw her smile so gay, His Irish heart was thumping When he heard her yell “Hooray!” She loudly cried “Oh!…

PG182_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Where do we go from here boys
Quiet boys so you can here
After we’ve had our beer boys
I’ll tell you my Idea
Come let’s all take a trip to the ball game gee it’s great
Don’t be late
Go and grab a front seat at the ball game

PG183_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Baseball time each year is just the same,
Ev’ry one who loves our national game
Gets a thrill, it gets them one and all,
When the umpire cries Play ball.
And no matter who should win the game,
We love it the same.
All our worries…

PG188_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Young Jimmy Croker was clerk for a broker
To be a good clerk was his aim
When ball season started then Jim was light hearted
For baseball was Jim’s middle name boss he would say “My poor Aunt died today”
So his boss said, “For heaven’s sake,…

PG192_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
"Featured on Phillies broadcasts."

It’s a hot day today
And what do you say
Let’s go out to the game
It’s a very nice day
And the boss is away
Let’s go out to the game
Let’s take the afternoon off
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