Brother Noah Gave Out Checks For Rain


Brother Noah Gave Out Checks For Rain


Deacon Jones addressed the congregation
Said “The roof lets in the rain,
And folks that am an aggravation to Rev’rend Jackson Smith that’s plain;
Now I propose good sisters and brothers we raise some funds to shingle up the leak,
A ball game we could play on emancipation day,”
But Sister Jones in loud tones then did speak,
“That am no game for good church folks to play,”
Deacon Jones replied, “does not the good book say?”
Deacon Jones received their acclamation “That’s a ball game they would play,”
The folks were filled with expectation on that emancipation day;
When in the box the Deacon was pitching a ball bat slipped and hit him on the shins,
He fainted dead away then his wife was heard to say, “He’s only being punished for his sins,”
But Deacon Jones came to and loudly cried, “We will leave it to the good book to decide.”
That Eve stole first and Adam second
St. Peter umpired the game
Rebecca went to the well with a pitcher
And Ruth in the field won fame,
Goliath was struck out by David
A base hit made on Abel by Cain,
The Prodigal son made one home run,
Brother Noah gave out checks for rain.


Arthur Longbrake (words), Tom Lancaster (music)





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