Remember Me To My Old Gal


Remember Me To My Old Gal


"Successfully introduced by those three great ball players Chief Bender, Coombs, and Morgan the heroes of the world series."

So you’re going back where fields are green
And skies are always blue
Well if I could have my wish tonight
I’d be going back there too
And some fine day I’ll go back to stay
But I can’t return just yet
While you’re ming’ling with the dear old friends
There’s one thing you must not forget
When you reach the dear old town again
Just think of my request
Whisper how no one can take her place
Say that I love he the best
Tell her when I come
I will buy the ring
For the day she named in June
I’ll yearning for the wedding bells
We’ll marry when sweet roses bloom
Remember me to my old gal,
Say a good word for me, old boy
Just tell her while I roam New York
My heart’s in Illinois
Just say I have a million friends
But not one like my old pal
Give my love to sister Sue, cheer the old folks if they’re blue
But pal, whatever you may do
Remember me to my old gal


George Moriarty (words), Al. W. Brown, J. Brandon Walsh (music)




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