I Want to go to the Ball Game


I Want to go to the Ball Game


Sheet Music


Billy O’Grady and his little lady
Were sweethearts for many long moons
When night was falling on her he’d go calling
And warble life’s sweetest of tunes
He’d say “Tomorrow I’m going to borrow
A V-spot and take you somewhere”
She’d listen discreetly then say very sweetly
With her little lady like ??
Billy you dear you
I like to be near you
Out here in the grandstand each day
I love to listen and see your eyes glisten
When eve they make a good play
Buy me some pop bill and please to not stop bill
But rest for a home run or two
Gee ain’t it great bill?
Is my hat on straight bill?
Please get me some popcorn to chew
I want to go to the ball game
I’m the fall dame for a ball game
I like to get the crowd going
And rest and hoot and shoot
I want to go to the pastime
Have a fast time
Like the last time
And yell “Swat a single, two sacker or bingle”
But don’t fan out


C.P. McDonald (words), Al W. Brown (music)




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