Did He Run?


Did He Run?


Sheet Music


Tom Jones left his wife in the houses one night
And he started out for a walk
He met a pretty little blond
And with her began to talk talk talk
He took her into a sweet café
Ordered wine for the lady fair
He was making love when he looked above
His wife was standing there
Pete Green was a man with a lazy way
But as fleet of foot as a deer
Was entered in a ten mile race
On a circle track quite near near near
He was too lazy to start that night
So his manager said “oh prunes!”
Fire crackers he did a bunch you see
On Peter’s pantaloons
Did he run? Did he run?
When he got just one good look at her face
He acted like a runner in a marathon race
Did he run? Did he run?
He broke all records that I recall
For he made four miles in nothing at all
Did he run? Did he run?
Ran away so fast that in a short while
He lapped himself a couple times the very first mile
Did he run? Did he run?
He turned, ran the other way ‘round the track
Went so fast he met himself coming back


Junie McCree (words), Albert Von Tilzer (music)



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