Home of the Braves


Home of the Braves


I’ve got a good reason why I’m feelin’ so good
The Braves are in town today and they’re winnin’ like I knew they could
2) I’m takin’ my chances skippin’ work today
If the boss ever catches me
I’ll have the devil to pay

In the home of the braves, that’s where the hopes ran high
Home of the Braves, where a peannt is soon to fly.
With 1) Rico, Clete, Hoyt and Sonny, Jim Hal and Ric
Orlando and Tommy
2) Cecil, Ron, Milt, Mike and Tony, George, Ralph and Gil, four Bobs and Larry
3) Bulldog, The Hammer, Knuckles and The Kitten,
With Luman, Don and Paul for baby sittin

It’s the home of the Braves where the South is gonna rise again


Tim McCabe



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