Move Over, Babe, Here Comes Henry


Move Over, Babe, Here Comes Henry


Move over Babe, here comes Henry, and he’s swinging mean. Move over , Babe, Hank’s hit another; he’ll break that seven fourteen 1) Here’s a man from Alabam “Hamm’rin Henry” is his name. Mister Aaron, “King of Slam,” nailing down his all time fame 2) When the “Hammer” hits one out; that’s what baseball’s all about He’s on the Braves’ round trip express doing what he does the best He’ll break that seven fourteen (coda)


Ernie Harwell (words), Bill Slayback (music)



Ernie Harwell (words), Bill Slayback (music), “Move Over, Babe, Here Comes Henry,” The Baseball Sheet Music Project, accessed June 29, 2022,