Those Ragtime Melodies


Those Ragtime Melodies


V1 You have heard most of the songs of late Ev’ry one likes something up to date All the rage, upon the stage When ever you go to a musical show Sneaky freaky coony drags Old t ime opears changed to rags People swaying, bands a playing Ragtime melodies

V2 Ev’ry place you go you hear a tune ‘Bout a girl, or curl, or honeymoon Turtle doves, or stars above Then Some little strain will remain in your brian When you lay your sleepy head Hum some little tune in bed Senses hazy set you crazy Ragtime melodies

Refrain Oh, oh, those ragtime melodies (Come on and hear, Come on and ehar) Oh, oh those ragtime melodies (baby looka here, looka here) When that music starts to play I could listen night and day Hear! Hear! Hear! Hear! Rumtum te tum on the drum Oh! Oh! Those ragtime melodies (fiddle p fiddle p as your violin) That’s good old yankee harmony (Love it, love it goodness how I love it) When your heart some tune has won Then you hear another one Ev’ry body’s doin’ it Doin what? Doin what? Singing those ragtime melodies


Gene Hodgkins, Introduced by Blossom Seeley and "Rube" Marqard




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