That Baseball Rag


That Baseball Rag


V1 Oh Mister Fan Oh Mister Fan Let’s be on our way To the game today Oh mister man oh mister man Couldn’t miss my grandma’s funeral I’ve got the price I’ve got the price Of a bleacher seat I will stand the trea To the big league ball game Let’s go out and holler with the fans

V2 Oh what’s the use oh what’s the use Of a worried frown when a game’s in town A good excuse a good excuse Is to be a baseball maniac Just tell the boss just tell the boss You must see the “Doc” Sharp at three o’clock Beat it to the ball park Get in line and holler with the fans

Chorus Oh oh that Glidin’ Base Ball Rag (Spoken) See the pitcher throwing Strike ‘em out you’ve got ‘em going Oh, oh that slidin’ base ball Drag (Spoken) don’t you be a quitter Show ‘em you’re a heavy hitter Some classy curves the pitcher’s twirling Go on Kid send one out a whirling Hey! Soak it out soak it out Make a home run Ball strike (Crack) Safe hit First base make second you’re a bird Spoken Keep a going sonny Make me win a lot of money Don’t stop until you’re touching third You’re a holy terror Center Fielder made an error Slide, slide you’ve made a good beginning For you know that your team always makes a winning When you play ball and sing that Base Ball Rag


Dave Wolff (words), Clarence Jones (music)



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