My Cinderella Girl


My Cinderella Girl


Maggie McHugh was a fan, good and true
Who was strong for the home team’s big twirler
Thugh Mag ne’er confessed nearly ev’ry one guessed that she loved this hard hitting crack twirler
There in the stand, with a rose in her hand and a smile in her true eyes of blue
She’d sit while he wound himself up on the mound
And root as the first ball he threw
Nice work my boy, how it fills me with joy
To be out here and see you in action
Just fool them today, with your slow fade away
Dan McCann you’re the one big attraction
Wow! Look at that there’s a hole in the bat
They’re shut out again
Ain’t it grand?
You’ve sure got them right with the game sewed up tight
They’re eating right out of your hand
Put the ball over the pan McCann
Make each Mutt look like an also ran
Heave it to Dan, just cut the heart of the plate
When you’re in form you are certainly great
Don’t mind the “ump’ he’s got sand in his eyes
If he’d guess right it would be a surprise
I’ll change my name, Dan, from McHugh to McCann
If you put the ball over the pan McCann


A.G. Delameter (words), Wm. Frederick Peters (music)



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