I Am That Roost Inspector Man


I Am That Roost Inspector Man


I got a job once in a HENERY
To clip the wings of all the “Fowls” so they could not fly,
I told the man that I was “Hen Roost” Inspectorite
And could tell the diff’rent nationality of chickens any time of night,
So when night came I went to investigate the Fowls,
When I got there, I do declare the Roost was full of Owls,
OOOO one loudly cried,
Then to all of them I replied, Well
I joined a colored Baseball team
To catch behind the bat
They played a game on Friday just to see where I was at.
I put on my projector umpire said take your place
But I forgot to put the muzzle on to keep the ball from my face.
The first ball was a fly ball that almost reached the sky,
‘Twas me who tried to stop it and I did with my right eye,
The umpire cried out “foul”
That stopped the game for a while, ‘Cause
I saw a man once stand’in on a street corner one day
He had a green bird in a cage crying ev’ry one this way.
Your fortune told a nicken and see your future wife
I thought it was the smartest bird I’d seen in all my life.
So I hands the man my nickel reached for the card like wise
When that bird says, “Look at that, coon, take the calk out of your eyes,
Then I grabbed him by the head,
Next morning to the judge I said. Well
I am that “Hen Roost” Inspector man,
Got my knowledge ‘bout chickens,
Way down in Zululand.
1) When I investigate your coop at night
I can tell you right away if them Fowls all right, ‘Cause I
2) Now when I hear that fowl name called
Its Good bye fare thee
I’m gone that’s all, ‘Cause I
3) I can speak Bird language from A to Z
And I don’t ‘low no Fowls to talk back to me,
‘Cause I Am that “Hen Roost” Inspector man


Lew Payton, Alf. Wilson





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