Slide, Kelly Slide!


Slide, Kelly Slide!


V1 I play’d a game of baseball I belong to Casey’s Nine! The crowd was feeling jolly And the weather it was fine A nobler lot of players I think were never found When the omnibuses landed That day upon the ground The game was quickly stared They sent me to the bat I made two strikes, says Casey “What are you striking at” I made the third, the Catcher muff’d And to the ground it fell Then I run like a divil to first base When the gang began to yell

V2 ‘Twas in the second inning They call’d me in, I think To take the catcher’s place, while He went to get a drink But something was the matter Sure I couldn’t see the ball And the second one that came in Broke my muzzle nose and all The crowd up in the grand stand They yelled with all their might I ran towards the Club Huse I thought there was a fight ‘Twas the most unpleasant feeling I ever felt before I knew they had me rattled When the gang began to roar

V3 They sent me out to centerfield I didn’t want to go The way my nose was swelling up I must have been a show They all on me depended Vict’ry or defeat If a blind man was to look at us He’d know that we were beat “Sixty four to nothing!” Was the score when we got done And ev’rybody there but me Said they had lots of fun The news got home ahead of me They heard I was knock’d out The neighbors carried me int the house And then began to shout

Chorus Slide, Kelly, slide Your runnings a disgrace! Slide, Kelly, Slide! Stay there, hold your base! If some one doesn’t steal you, And your batting doesn’t fail you They’ll take you to Australia! Slide, Kelly, Slide!


J.W. Kelly



J.W. Kelly, “Slide, Kelly Slide!,” The Baseball Sheet Music Project, accessed October 3, 2022,