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PG685_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Featured with tremendous success by Mabel Hite and Mike Donlin

PG219_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
V1 “Mammy Why” said Pickaninny, crying to his mammy Jinny “Do the white boys pick on me Tell me why they never let me be And I must not play in their yard, Ain’t I just, as nice as they are They won’t let me in their games And they call me names V2…

PG137_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
I got a job once in a HENERY
To clip the wings of all the “Fowls” so they could not fly,
I told the man that I was “Hen Roost” Inspectorite
And could tell the diff’rent nationality of chickens any time of night,
So when night came I went to…

PG71_Cooperstown Sheet Music (with lyrics).pdf
Deacon Jones addressed the congregation
Said “The roof lets in the rain,
And folks that am an aggravation to Rev’rend Jackson Smith that’s plain;
Now I propose good sisters and brothers we raise some funds to shingle up the leak,
A ball game…
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